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Our Products

Shop Made Sausages

Our renowned sausages are available in many flavours - our regulars always include plain pork,  pork and honey, Welsh dragon and gluten free.  ++New flavours each week - check our Facebook page to see what's happening++

Shop Cured Bacon

Tate's shop cured bacon is immensely popular - with flavours including Jack Daniels and Honey, Black Treacle, Cider and Maple.  Steve is always experimenting with new flavours so check out our Facebook page to see what's hot each week!

Manx Aged Beef

All our joints and cuts of beef are dry aged for a minimum of 28 days resulting in a greatly improved tender texture and more intense flavour.

Shop Cooked Meats

Our regular shop prepared cooked meats always include plain ham, honey roast ham and beef.  From time to time we will have other cooked meats in stock - pop in to see what's available and what's being prepared

Manx Lamb

Manx reared lamb is probably the finest in the UK.  As well as joints we shop prepare all cuts including leg steaks, Barnsley chops and cutlets

Manx Pork

Yet another Manx produced meat we are proud to support our local pig farmers and prepare all joints, leg steaks, chops and offal in house.


Our chicken is 100% free-range and sourced from the UK.  We can prepare drumsticks, thighs and of course chicken breast on request.

Shop Prepared Speciality Burgers

Like our sausages and bacon, all our burgers are prepared in house and flavours change weekly.  Check out our Facebook page or pop in and ask Steve what's sizzling!

Offal and Other Cuts of Meat

Currently making a welcome comeback are the cuts of meat and offal which offer such versatility and flavour.  We stock liver (pig's, lamb and ox), kidneys, heart, oxtail and ox tongue.

Seasonings for Meat

Our shop prepared seasoning add that extra sparkle to our already flavoursome meats.  These include garlic butter, BBQ, Louisiana, Thai and Lemongrass seasonings.

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